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     ThHeeE FANGS OF THE DODO the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

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Fionn McGuinness-Maris is a guitarist and songwriter for up and coming Goth Rock/Art Pop band The Fangs of the Dodo.

Bio: The Fangs of the Dodo are a rag-tag gang of violent criminals led by the vampire Count Dodo on a mission to conquer the Rock world. Described by some as Art Pop meets Goth Rock, it is said that no one has ever survived a Fangs concert to tell the tale. It is fabled that their electrifying stage show is a sight to behold, even if it might be your last. Don’t miss it.

The Fangs Of The Dodo - Music Videos

The Fangs Of The Dodo - Music Videos

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